The Heroes

We don't wear capes, but we are making the internet a better place for contractors, one site at time.

  • John Durso
    Founder, President

    Owner, Strategist, Ping-Pong Champion

  • Jason Crawford

      Expert coder, Globetrotter

  • Becca Ward

    Designer, All-Around Artist

  • Michael Faul

    Digital Marketing Specialist, Film Guru

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the go-to web partner for contractors across the continent. This takes a deep understanding of our customers, a commitment to excellent service, and a drive to always provide more value than expected.

Why Choose Contractor Hero?


If you don't want to sink a bunch of time into getting an expensive website launched instead of focusing on your work, talk to us. We structured our service so that you can harness the marketing power of the web without using up all your time and resources. The site is up quickly (as fast as one week), and we don’t leave you hanging after it’s launched: we’re here for as much support, updates, and questions as you need.

1-week launch

Send us whatever you have and we'll get moving.

Low cost

Spend less and get more.

Full web team

A team of specialists at your disposal.

Business growth

Drive sales by adding our marketing plans to the mix.

Free Consultation