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Many contractors get stuck between a custom website that costs in the thousands, or trying to get what they want out of a free website builder. The problem is that their business doesn’t justify spending thousands on web design, and the do-it-yourself option is frustrating, doesn’t look good, and - most importantly - isn’t effective at bringing in new clients.

We built Contractor Hero to be the best of both worlds - choose from our modern, well-designed themes, have us customize it for you, and pay a low monthly fee. Everything below is included:

Professional Design

Contractor Hero was born out of a high quality custom design agency, and our theme selection shows it. More importantly, we are not only concerned about looks - all of our themes are optimized for turning visitors into paying clients.

Past Work Showcase

People are visual creatures, and one of the most important pieces of your site is showing off your past work. Each one of our themes has a portfolio section for showing off images, specs, and any other information you might have to impress your visitors.

Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and one of the top ways people use them is browsing the web. If your site doesn’t adjust well, you’ll be frustrating potential clients. We make sure that your site looks good on screens of all shapes and sizes. This is know as being “responsive” and is a critical part of any successful website.

Easy-to-Use Content Management System

Your business changes, you complete new projects, you hire new people - and the content on your website needs to change accordingly. Each one of our sites is built with the WordPress content management system so that you can update content whenever you want.

Painless Setup

Once you select a theme of ours you like, all we need is your logo, company colors, images you want to display, your text content for each page, and your domain info (e.g. domainexample.com). We’ll take these and customize the theme for you within one week!

Helpful Support

Whether you have questions or need a bit of help on using a particular site feature, our team of friendly gurus has the answers. We are available by phone and email to make your life easier.

Maintenance & Hosting

These are required for any website large or small, and are included in every one of our packages. We host the site files, make sure software is always up to date, that your information is secure, and make regular backups to restore your site in case of an emergency.

New Design Every Three years

Technology and style change rapidly - and that’s especially true on the web. To make sure your site keeps up with the times, we are always designing new themes. Every three years you’ll be able to choose a new, more advanced look to stay ahead of your competition.

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